In 2001, today’s management regularly traveled from Germany to China to check and improve the quality management of there resident business fields of his employer. The success of the practised quality management got clear fast and the demand of other German companies increased. To make this demand replete, today's management decided to settle down completely in China in 2009. With this step the foundations was laid for today's enterprise Ruma Ningbo and the first office was built up in China.


Within the years 2010 and 2011 the still young company expanded so that new employees were hired. These employees have been trained specifically so that their professionalism and competence grew steadily. Also within these years our complete spectrum of services was demanded of our customers, so that our managing directors invested in the enterprise and restructured this in 2012. Until today Ruma Ningbo is one of the most important partners of European importers and a welcome partner of the Chinese business community. 


Marc Ruthenbeck


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