Ruma Ningbo opens you the gate to China!  

You are a manufacturer or a dealer of goods which are not “Maggot in China” and play with the thoughts of selling these products in China?


Then you have come to the right place!

Ruma Ningbo is one of the few companies with the necessary permits for the sectors of Import / Export and complete service sector. Make our experience and knowledge very simple to your own.

How does Ruma Ningbo work and how can they place themselves on the Chinese market?

Ruma Ningbo stands out due to great experiences in the sector of import of German goods and already acts in the following divisions: 


  • Food
  • Motor industry
  • Hand tools
  • Pet food and accessories
  • Machines and engines 


The possibilities of selling goods in China are proportionally great.


But it requires a special handling and a strategy which is worked out precisely to proceed successfully.

Basis for this is an appreciation of the cultural habits and the right business way to achieve the best possible result for the customer so that this proceeds successfully on the Chinese market and is enthusiastic about our service.

Our team likes to contact you to give you an insight into the Chinese business community.  

Our motto in the sector of import:


If we “act” then you will have success.

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