Text Translations

Daily, contracts with Chinese partners are concluded and countersigned by both sides to protect their purchase/ sale strategically. In many cases the Chinese partners are signing the contracts without understanding its content correctly. To be able to look in the future still more certain, we advise you to write the contracts in two languages like English/ Chinese.


Our team likes to help you along.


You would like to purchase in China but are not powerful for the English language? We like to stand in as a correspondence and translate your news and those of your suppliers into your desired national language.

Personal site translations

One part of our business consists of supporting you directly on-site and making the work considerably easier for you and your business in China. We are acting with the aim to achieve the best possible result for you. Furthermore, we like to accompany you at fairs or journeys through China to make the communication easier for you and grant a smooth communication.


In cases, where in factories of your suppliers you need a direct contact person on the spot; we like to be at your disposal.

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